AI QuickStart Guide

Based on the Infocomm Media and Development Authority of Singapore’s Implementation and Self-Assessment Guide for Organisations, the AI Quick Start Guide is a survey-like tool which enables decision makers in an organisation to quickly assess and scrutinise:

  • Their organisation’s overall AI readiness and capabilities.
  • A proposed 3rd party or internally developed AI solution.
AI QuickStart Guide

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability in a technological device or software to emulate human thinking or actions. AI can perform a range of tasks from simple to complex,  such as problem-solving or reasoning.


Despite its growing popularity, the implications of AI implementation in projects are often not understood or even considered by organisations. Consequently, this makes it difficult for organisations to be accountable and confident in their AI-made decisions, presenting risks such as personal data misuse, unintended bias and AI malfunction.

Completing this guide allows organisations to:

  • Understand and address any shortcomings in governance, infrastructure, communication and personnel skills.
  • Shortlist viable AI vendors or partners.
  • Ultimately, be confident in their delivery of effective, appropriate and people-centric AI projects.

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