Info-communications Media Development Authority Singapore and Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore

Second Edition of Singapore’s Model AI Governance Framework

Translates ethical principles into practical measures that organisations can adopt.

Implementation and Self-Assessment Guide for Organisations (ISAGO)

Developed in collaboration between IMDA Singapore and the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ISAGO aims to help organisations implement responsible AI and assess the alignment of their AI governance practices with the Model AI Governance Framework.

Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Compendium of Use Cases

Illustrates how various organisations have implemented the AI governance practices in the Model AI Governance Framework, and benefited from the use of AI in their line of business.

Australian Computer Society

Artificial Intelligence – A Starter Guide to the Future of Business

This guide presents an introduction to the capabilities of AI as they stand today, how it has currently been implemented, what the big players are up to, and where the benefits lie as a background from which to spur your own ideas for your organisation.

Machine Learning Innovation

Machine learning algorithms are applied to make predictions and conclusions when provided with data and allow computer systems to make intelligent decisions. This report outlines findings from analysis of patents filed since 2012, including trends, innovators, filing destinations and commercial players in this space.

Technology Impacts on the Australian Workforce

The Technology Impacts on the Australian Workforce report highlights the significant and far-reaching impact of emerging technologies on the Australian workforce in the next fifteen years and how the growth in technological capabilities is already transforming supply chains, reshaping the workforce and redefining jobs.

Privacy in Data Sharing – A guide for Business and Government

The paper speaks to some of the challenges of trusted data sharing. These include concerns with the implications of data quality, use of outputs, the changing risk inherent in the release of results over time, and the need to develop a ‘social licence to operate’.

ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse 2020

ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse report provides a snapshot of Australia’s digital economy, workforce, and policy landscape, prepared by Deloitte Access Economics on behalf of ACS. The publication’s analysis of Australia’s ICT sector, the increasing use of digital technologies, and key enablers of future growth, provide a platform and evidence base for broader public discussion on digital issues.

Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Frameworks

This paper is the third in a series focused around working towards the goal of preserving privacy while enabling smarter services through shared data.